This course will teach students how to think critically and problem solve effectively by means of using physics curriculum. The topics covered in this course are as follows
  • One-Dimensional and Two Dimensional Kinematics
  • Forces 
  • Energy 
  • Momentum 
  • Electricity and Magnetism 
  • Waves

Chemistry is a lab science course designed to prepare upper classmen and sophomores for college level chemistry and science courses by exploring quantitative relationships between matter and energy. Topics of study include: Matter and Change, Chemical Reactions, The Behavior of Gases, Thermochemistry, Bonding, and Acids and Bases. Students will perform lab experiments designed to explore these topics and develop basic lab skills.

This course is structured around four big ideas, the enduring understandings within the big ideas, and the essential knowledge within the enduring understandings (according to the College Board). The Four big ideas in biology include evolution, energy and homeostasis, response to information, and the interaction of biological systems. The course will emphasize critical thinking, laboratory methods, discussion, and writing about biology and its concepts. It is designed to be rigorous and thought provoking. The course will culminate with the students taking the AP Biology exam given each year by the College Board.
Integrated Science is a lab science course primarily designed to prepare students with a foundational knowledge in sciences. This course will prepare students for success in advanced science courses. This course teaches basic physics, chemistry, and Earth sciences with an emphasis on developing and integrating math skills and critical thinking. It is inquiry- and laboratory-based in order to develop the student's scientific skills.